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22 – 24 November 2019
Ricardo Kern

"Soft tissue contour planning and execution:
perfect balance
Webinar "Crown Lengthening"
Ricardo describing surgical steps during crown lengthening
Welcome to the first Ricardo Kern's course in Russia! Its main difference from the other similar courses is that it is a complete program which allows you to get new knowledge, experience and of course to start implementing it in your practice immediately. No secrets, nothing left behind! We recommend to participate in pairs: surgeon + prosthodontist.
Ricardo Kern – smart and charismatic doctor, top specialist in soft tissue management and digital dentistry. Dr. Kern bases his courses on factors that affect short term predictability, highly accurate planning and soft tissue contour reconstruction.
Course program
22th November
Lecture "Perfect harmony of soft tissue over a bright smile"

- The pink and white aesthetic balance philosophy
- Concepts for digital planning of aesthetic rehabilitation
- Perfect team communication tools: from surgery to laboratory
- Crown lengthening
- Influence of tissue design
- Factors that affect precision
- Factors that affect short term predictability and long term stability
- Full maxilla tissue conditioning cases
- Planning, grafting and conditioning aesthetic cases
- Partial conjugated cases
- Building partial and single implant sites on aesthetic zone
23th November
Lecture "Workflow for partial and full arch rehabilitation cases"

- Simple flap movements to correct most of tissue defect for implant placement
- Roll "S", Doble Roll "S" flap, Roll "S" flap extended, Roll "S" flap spitted periosteum for bone graft
- Handling of the anatomical temporary for tissue grafting
- Handling of temporary for tissue conditioning
- Impression execution
- Excel laboratory communication
- Gingival impression index
- Gingival conditioning cast
Sunday, 24th November
Workshop with practice on pig jaws "Building up soft tissue Day"

- Harvesting muco gingival grafts
- Flap design
- Tunneling
- Connective palatal flap
- Grafting colour compromised implant area
- Socket preservation using muco ginvival grafts
- Large connective tissue graft
- Management of sutures
Ricardo Kern
Master's Degree in Oral Rehabilitation, MaisOdontologiaClinic, Curitiba, Brazil
Dr. Kern graduated from the Universidade Federal do Paraná (UFPR), one of the most prestigious universities in Brazil. Firmly entrenched within the high aesthetic requirements of Brazilian dentistry, Dr. Ricardo Kern focuses his work on the demanding disciplines of soft tissue design and reconstruction. He presented both theoretical programs and hands-on workshops on soft tissue design, preservation and reconstruction at multiple seminars and congresses around the world.
His brave methods will amaze you with its scale, complexity and the highest level of execution. Dr. Kern is one of the best representatives of the Brazilian school of dentistry.

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Lectures, 2 days
"Soft tissue contour planning and execution:
perfect balance
720 €
  • Attending lectures 22 and 23 November
  • Language: English (original),
    Russian (translation)
  • Exclusive certificate
  • Coffee-breakes and lunches
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"Building up soft tissue Day"
with practice on pig jaws

700 €
  • Attending workshop 24 November
  • Language: English (original),
    Russian (translation)
  • Exclusive certificate
  • Coffee-breakes
  • Just 25 seats. Available now: 5
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Full program
lectures + workshop
1 400 €
  • Attendance in lectures 22 and 23 November
  • Attendance in workshop 24 November
  • Language: English (original),
    Russian (translation)
  • Exclusive certificate
  • Coffee-breakes and lunches
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